Astra Human Resource Information System

The Astra HRIS(AHRIS) + PAYROLL is a user friendly web-based employee information management system that automates and improves the delivery of HR services, including managing the employee records, facilitating requests for leaves, overtime and training, tracking employees' performance and skills, allocating and managing the company's resources plus it includes timekeeping and payroll management system.

AHRIS is built with intuitiveness and ease-of-use that outshines its competitors. Based on a foundation of open source technologies, our solution offers functionalities that rival established big brand applications at a fraction of the price.

Feature Highlights

Automate HR Workflows

Automate HR workflows such as performance appraisals, leave and overtime application processing

Centralize Employee Records

Centralize employee records, maintain electronic personnel files


Manage Payroll by automaticaly generating Payroll and viewing Payroll Reports

Employee Record Monitoring

Perform better employee performance management and training needs assessment

& Role-based Access

Multi-user and role-based access extends the HR services directly to the employees, even to remote sites and satellite offices


Reduce HR paperwork and avoid missing or losing forms

Self Service Kiosk

Give employees ability to maintain one's own record, view attendance reports, apply leaves and view leave balances, add jobs and log time for timesheets, apply for overtime etc.


Automated Daily Time Record capture via android app or the built-in e-bundy clock


Can be integrated with existing biometric solutions for time and attendance tracking


Work online through the browser, on your intranet or the internet and access anywhere, anytime.


Compatible with most operating systems on different types of devices including desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs and smartphones


Custom styling will be applied to the app's user interface using your company's corporate color scheme and logo.

Astra Human Resource Information System


  • Multi-company Support
  • Flexible Approval Group
  • Time Station
  • Payroll Run Wizard
  • Company Wizard
  • Government Compliance
  • Built-in E-Bundy Clock
  • Fully Integrated System
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Employee Inquiries
  • Biometric Integration
  • Import Function
  • Multiple Payroll Period Types
  • Flexible and Powerful Payroll Calculations
  • Email Notifications
  • Company and Personal Memos
  • Employee Documents Upload
  • Salary Rate History
  • Corporate Directory
  • Support for Unlimited Shifts
  • Unlimited Leave Types
  • Leaves and Leave Benefits Management
  • Holidays Management
  • Jobs and Positions Management
  • Cost Center Management
  • Trainings Management
  • Resource Management
  • Appraissals Module
  • HR Reports such as Time and Attendance Reports and Leaves and OT Reports
  • HR Payroll Reports such as Allowances, Loans and Deductions Reports, Bank Reports, BIR Alphalist Flat Files and Journal Balance

The Astra HIRS + PAYROLL can be deployed via:

On-premise Server

On the cloud Hosting

AHRIS + PAYROLL is available as on-site, in-house deployment or as a hosted service. For more information please visit the AHRIS FAQ